"I was looking for a new opportunity, but didn't know what. My work situation changed, making the need for a different job greater. Jantine and I talked about my interests and competencies. Her open way of asking questions helped me to better define what I was looking for. We met every month to discuss possibilities at my work, until an opportunity opened up that suited me. The interviewing process took a long time and was extremely tense.


Jantine supported me not just on a personal level, she also provided me with great tools which helped to prepare me for the interviews. She kept me up to date on the most recent developments. It really felt as if she wanted me to get the job as much as I wanted it. That was a great feeling. Through hard work and Jantine's help, I managed to get a new, challenging job. After a tumultuous time, I now feel that I'm on the right track. My career got a new boost. Thank you, Jantine!"

Meike, Vendor Management Analyst

To get somewhere,

first you have to decide

not to remain where you are now.


- Flip thinking -

Courage is the first

of human qualities.


- Winston Churchill -

With desire as your roadmap

and your soul as a compass, your feet will know where to go.


- Paolo Coelho -

"I was searching: who was I, what was I doing and where did I want to get to? When I heard about the possibility to use Jantine's knowledge and skills, I was in. I know from experience I'm the kind of person who needs to look in the mirror every now and again and talk with professionals in the field of career coaching.

We had three conversations. During our first meeting, we formulated the questions that needed answering and put to paper my set of core values. These values were the starting point of everything that came after. We used them to build me a self reflection and an analysis. In a safe and unforced way, Jantine asked about my qualities and what's important to me, both in personal and professional areas. She got me thinking, using great examples stemming from my own situation.

In the next talks, we discussed my core qualities, talked about what I'd been up to since our previous meeting, and how our conversations influenced my choices. I was able to take control more consciously, which led to me feeling better about myself. I'm producing and radiating a much more positive energy.

I appreciated how our conversations took place in a quiet, safe and casual environment. Jantine made me realise that quite a lot of aspects in both my personal and professional life were going quite well. My urge to continuously prove myself and my search for validation had made me lose sight of that core. We also found out that I had lost sight a bit of how much I could influence things for myself. I newly realised I should be focused on my own core qualities and take control myself.

Jantine taught me it is a positive that I participate in self reflection and that my core qualities and my life experience have made me the person I am today. I had lost sight of the importance of simply hearing that and of appreciating myself.


During the time of our conversations I have put Jantine's advices use, focussing on myself and my core values. I'm proud to say these choices have given me both serenity and drive. I really value how Jantine coached me from the perspective of what I as a person was looking for, instead of just providing me with wisdom from a book. She triggered me with great, real-life example".

Tomas, Project Manager

"I got to know Jantine as a special and enthusiastic co-worker. From the moment I approached her about a brain storm regarding my career, she was completely available. We've had great conversations since. Talks with plenty of room for positivism, without losing sight of reality. She fosters a strong feeling of trust and reliability, which allows you to open up immediately.

Jantine can read people quickly and knows what's going on. She asks the right questions and gives the relevant nudges, leading you to new insights. That's what makes Jantine great and unique. Often, coaches make presumptions. Jantine's way of working is not to judge. On top of that, she is easy and comfortable in her communication. A successful method. Her listening ear, her great advices and her limitless confidence in someone's ability to make the right choices, made me decide to follow my heart."


Marjolein, Research Specialist