About LoopbaanProf - the CareerPro

I'm Jantine Tanis, founder of LoopbaanProf - the CareerPro. It's my mission to bring focus in thinking and to stimulate mobility / movement.

For 18 years, I have worked as a Recruitment Consultant, HR Manager, and Talent Scout in IT, Sales, Medical Devices and Healthcare. This has given me extensive experience in and knowledge of Talent Management, Personal Development, and Career Development.

I combine all this luggage from my professional backpack with my enthusiasm, vigor and empathic ability. With a sharp eye, clear communication and positive energy, I provide boosts where people and processes seem stuck. That's why I'm proud to carry the name LoopbaanProf!

My drive comes from utilising new insights in the fields of talent, ambition and core values. My experience in HR and Recruitment have given me a sensitive antenna for what drives people in their career and how to optimally use talent.

I'm open, accessible, sharp, vigorous and empathetic. These characteristics create an atmosphere of trust and sincerity in each conversation.


I'm a member of the Dutch Association of Career Professionals and Job Coaches NOLOC. I'm currently finishing additional training in professional coaching at SYSTO.