Career Coaching

What can LoopbaanProf - CareerPro - do for you?

LoopbaanProf - the CareerPro - uses these three domains als the foundation of coaching. Together, we will explore what drives you and what is holding you back from using your talents to the max. How can we get things moving again and reconnect you with your core motivations? Because they are what moves you!

LoopbaanProf - the CareerPro - knows how to approach situations like: 

I'm doing my job because I have to. I feel no emotional connection to it and lack enjoyment in my work.

I always went along with whatever work came at me, but I've actually never really figured out what I want. Am I in the right place?

I know what my talents are, but I'm not using them at all in my current work. Maybe I'm ready to change to a career where I can actually use my skills.

I've neglected my ambitions and motivations. It's time for an introspection to get me moving in the right direction again.

An upcoming reorganisation might change the work I do, or even make me redundant. I'd like to learn how to deal with this.

Personal circumstances are affecting my performance at work. I'm not sure what I can do about that.


With a positive attitude and genuine interest in what drives you, I challenge you, stimulate you and make you think about questions others don't ask.

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Everyone deserves a rewarding career driven by personal motivations, interests, values and inspiration. But how do you know what makes you tick? What are the values that drive you? Why are you doing what you're doing? Who do you look at for inspiration? What made you choose your education and why did you take that particular first job?These are the questions I'd like to explore with you. They provide insight, generate movement in thought and create a solid foundation to make choices and determine direction. We will use the three domains of Career Coaching.

Three domains of career coaching:

A career is based on three domains: to Be, to Want, and to KnowTo Be centers around your personality and intelligence and how they are structured. This domain is shaped during your years as a child and is part of your foundation as a person. It determines your preferences, your coping with allergies and your natural defence mechanisms.

To Want is all about your internal engine which drives your ambition and motivation. It guides your personal values and drives. It's what moves you. This domain is crucial in career coaching, because it holds the key for change. It is all about your self image and appreciation. But it can also hold a range of road blocks that limit your mobility. Constraining beliefs shaped earlier in your life, might curtail your current motivations. When bending these limits, your drives will become visible and useable to their fullest potential once again. The great thing is: this domain can be re-directed throughout your life. The best part: you're the one in control!

To Know focuses on your knowledge, skills and competencies. This domain contains everything that's open to further growth, but it also holds a reality-check on what's attainable.