Driving internal mobility and talent development

LoopbaanProf - the CareerPro - offers career advice and individual coaching, talent development, and programs to boost internal mobility. To find out about the talents and motivations of someone, we use Talent Tools. Tools such as Talent Exercise, the Values Game, Visualisation, and the Atlas of Experiences. Combining these tools with the specific circumstances of a company or individual creates a clear image of the parts that 'click' and where things are lacking. From that starting position, we work towards creating a new environment where job position, skillset and motivations intertwine in the most optimal way. Making these components visible for all teams makes it possible to deploy talents in such manner that everyone's personal skillset is fully used. Motivations will soar, leading to a happy workforce: a goal everyone wants to aim for.


Program for boosting internal mobility:

LoopbaanProf - the CareerPro - can develop tailor made development programs for employers who are looking to see a part of their team grow within a specific field. The program consists of a substantive path and a personal development path. Both are followed simultaneously, so knowledge, competencies, and motivations can be switched to 'full power' on de road to growth.


An example: a career trajectory shaping junior project managers into senior managers in 1.5 years. The substantive path consists of achieving all the necessary certifications for project management. The personal development path includes assessment, mentoring, intervision and coaching. After completing the program, the organisation can welcome a new batch of motivated, highly interconnected seniors.

Successful organisations run on a happy workforce. The only way to get there, is by ensuring each member of your team has the opportunity to use their talents to the max. But are you aware of their talents? Do you realise how internal mobility can contribute to optimising your business operations and create a happy workforce? LoopbaanProf - the CareerPro - gives you that insight.

LoopbaanProf coaches people and organisations to reach their full potential in an effective way. If internal or external roadblocks cause potential to remain unused, increased unison can grow talent. Because everyone and everything is connected, a sound equilibrium ensures longterm satisfaction for all involved. In a professional environment, this means each person is in the right position to further grow their talent and the collective is successful as a whole.


LoopbaanProf contributes to greater growth for both the employer and the individual team members, making cooperation lead to efficiency and happiness.

Each company, every individual, has particular issues and demands a personal approach based on mutual respect.