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driving talent

Knowing what drives you determines where you're headed

LoopbaanProf - the CareerPro - offers individual career coaching, support in developing talent, and helps you gain insight in your motivations. For organisations, LoopbaanProf offers a range of programs on Talent Development, which will boost internal mobility and motivate team members.
LoopbaanProf helps to break through stale patterns. People and organisations will discover how the optimal use of in-house talent promotes an inspiring working environment and further develops skills.

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Career coaching

Everyone deserves a rewarding career driven by personal motivations, interests, values and inspiration. But how do you know what makes you tick? 

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Driving internal mobility

Successful organisations run on a happy workforce. The best way to get there, is by ensuring each member of your team has the opportunity to use their talents to the max.

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I was looking for new opportunities, but didn't have clear goals. My work situation changed, which increased the urgency to find a different job.

Therapy Sessions
Jantine Tanis

I'm Jantine Tanis, founder of LoopbaanProf - the CareerPro. It's my mission to bring focus in thinking and to stimulate mobility/movement.

For 18 years, I have worked as a Recruitment Consultant, HR Manager, and Talent Scout in IT, Sales, Medical Devices and Healthcare. This has given me extensive experience in and knowledge of Talent Management, Personal Development, and Career Development.

Motivations guide behaviour

and can lead to inspiration.


- Lenette Schuijt -

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I was searching for who I was, what I was doing
and where I wanted to be headed?
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